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    п»їHow to smile to go well in the photos according to science |
    Learn how to smile to go well in the photos according to science. A team of scientists from the University of Minnesota has developed a study for the perfect smile, do not lose detail that will be very useful.
    How to smile well in the photos
    Either you go out in an unnatural way or you are serious, and it is that going well in the photos is an art, unless, of course, you are very photogenic; getting the pose right, the light, the expression, the smile ... it's not always easy. Do I look at the front camera or is it better to appear distracted? Do I force my smile even if it doesn't come out or make a serious face? Many factors to consider and more now that, as you well know, any snapshot can end up on social networks. Let's see what a group of scientists have found out about how to smile to get the best out of the photographs.
    A study created at the University of Minnesota has tried to set a pattern for the best smile. The objective of this study was to serve as a guide for plastic surgeons when intervening with a person who cannot smile because of facial or neurological problems.
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    A post shared by @ ela.stories on Jul 4, 2017 at 1:59 am PDT
    They used an order to create no less than 27 different smiles depending on their width, angle and proportion of teeth. Then they asked more than 800 people to rate the smiles taken as a sample depending on whether they were pleasant, emotional or quite the opposite, they were also asked to classify them according to whether they saw them natural or somewhat forced. The result, these 4 factors to consider before posing before a camera:
    1. Wider does not mean better: according to these scientists, the best is a moderate smile and not too wide, to avoid this unnatural effect that so much affects the photographs.
    2. Do not show all the teeth: the study states that the best thing is to show only one line of the teeth. Again, the middle ground is the most appropriate, neither show all the teeth, nor allow any to be seen.
    3. Smiles should not be very angular: smiles that have a medium angle are better views, so you know, nothing to force your smile to appear larger than normal.
    4. Better a little crooked: the study also revealed that twisting the smile a little, just a few millimeters, makes people perceive it as more genuine, pleasant and sincere. Of course, if you succeed in doing well, it is better not to do so; One tip, practice in front of the mirror before putting on a slightly crooked smile, it's not going to be that you don't like the effect at all.
    Conclusion: be yourself and let your smile be as natural as possible, it is something that never fails.
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