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    п»їSymptoms of pregnancy: Do not confuse them with those of the period |

    How do you know if you are pregnant? Is it possible to confuse the symptoms with those of the period? Discover what the first signals your body sends you respond to.
    by Isabel RodrГ­guez, il
    July 11, 2013
    The symptoms of pregnancy can be confused with those of the rule. And it is that our body sends signals so similar that, sometimes, the best solution is to perform a pregnancy test to clear doubts.
    Sensation of swelling, increased breast volume or even ovarian pain may be telling us that it is not about menstruation, but about a possible pregnancy, especially if this is accompanied by a delay in the period. The first symptoms of pregnancy begin to manifest within a few days of conception.
    1.- Is it possible to know if you are pregnant the first week?
    Early symptoms of pregnancy begin to manifest within a few days of conception, although each woman's body is unique and responds differently to the initial disorders of pregnancy. In fact, in the case of some women, during the first weeks you may not have any symptoms that make you suspect a possible pregnancy.
    2.- What happens during the first week of pregnancy?
    In the case of women with irregular menstrual cycles, the delay of menstruation does not have to be sufficient signal to confirm a pregnancy. However, already during the first days of pregnancy the woman's body begins to prepare for a series of changes that are not always evident.
    3.- What is happening?
    Conception occurs during the fertile period of the month, during the ovulation phase. Once fertilized, the oocyte migrates to the uterus, where it is installed, and the cells begin to multiply giving rise to the embryo. What symptoms are the most frequent during this early stage of pregnancy?
    4.- Symptoms of pregnancy: amenorrhea
    Amenorrhea, that is, loss of the period, is the main sign of pregnancy and the main reason for the pregnancy test. Logically, in the case of women with irregular menstrual cycles, the delay of one month is not sufficient to attribute it to a pregnancy. However, if the delay occurs as a result of having intimate relationships without protection, there are reasons convincing to think about a pregnancy.
    5.- Symptoms of pregnancy: losses
    Pregnancy symptoms also include losses. In some cases, bleeding may be confused with the menstrual cycle. Actually, it is a reaction called spots. Due to the action of estrogen can also increase the white and transparent flow, without smell.
    6.- Symptoms of pregnancy: breast swelling
    The feeling of swelling, accompanied by pain, of the breasts is also linked to pregnancy. In this case, the cause is related to the hormone prolactin. The breasts swell and hurt to the touch, as it also happens in menstruation. Associated with the loss of the rule is a rather suspicious symptom of a pregnancy.
    7.- Symptoms of pregnancy: fatigue
    Tiredness is a typical symptom of pregnancy, probably due to the effort that the body has to make to adapt to the new situation, as well as the higher concentration of progesterone in the blood. Sometimes, this feeling of weakness continues in the months following pregnancy, and may also be related to iron deficiency. Generally, fatigue, as a symptom or associated disorder, disappears in the second trimester of pregnancy.
    8.- Symptoms of pregnancy: Urinating more frequently
    Frequent urination, or a greater need to urinate, is also considered a common pregnancy symptom, it may even appear before amenorrhea.
    9.- Symptoms of pregnancy: nausea
    Nausea and vomiting are two of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, and quite frequent. Nausea or sensitivity to odors may appear even before other symptoms. Symptoms of a possible twin pregnancy include persistent and persistent nausea during the first months.
    10.- Symptoms of pregnancy: swelling
    Swelling and abdominal heaviness are symptoms attributable to the hormonal changes of pregnancy, as well as episodes of constipation.

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