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My mind was flooded with guilt and pleasure. Two so contrasting feelings I felt like I would throw up. However; pleasure was winning the battle and soon I just moaned into the pillow as his cock rammed in and out of me like a jack hammer. I start to cum in no time at all. My hips buck back towards his hips and rode through several more orgasm until he finally clasp my hips hard and cam a third time, although his volume of cum was far less then before.
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“Fuck, shit, fuck,” she moaned as I started to pick up some rhythm with my thrusts. I watched as her breasts bounced underneath me with each pound and a look of pure ecstasy was tattooed on her face. I started to rub her clit while my cock stretched her tight walls and this set her off into immediate orgasm.
“I know I just came, but I am too,” I said.
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My cock could wait no more, and I started stroking it as I watched Jen bury her face in Diane's snatch. Diane

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