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Path of Exile: More complex and customized Diablo


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Blizzard's Diablo series has always been an iconic work in the field of ARPG, and the studio released Diablo III a few years ago. Compared with the previous game, the Diablo III development team obviously spent a lot of energy to provide players with better visual effects. Not only that, players can also collect rare sets in the game, when you gather all the parts of a sets, some of your skills will be greatly enhanced.

However, this game mode results in few available options for players, and when players successfully collect the sets, it is difficult to improve again by other means. Simply put, when a player gets sets in Diablo III, it is also when he is ready to quit the game. From this perspective, its competitor Path of Exile is clearly doing better. Path of Exile was first released in 2013. Because its inspiration came from Diablo II, many players called the game the cloned Diablo.

You can play Path of Exile along with your friends. It is not an MMO, but it does allow players to satisfy in towns, party up so move into dungeons together. All parties get their own dungeons, and every one dungeon is randomly generated so you'll do them over and yet again with slight variation. It would bother some POE Currency folks that you simply can't play it offline, but all characters and progress are stored on external servers, meaning you'll log into your Path of Exile account anywhere and keep grinding away along with your character.

Combat is essentially the identical as in Diablo – which is to mention incredibly addicting yet simple – but special abilities are handled in a very completely different fashion. Whereas Diablo allowed you to provide your class-specific special powers by putting points into a skill tree, Path of Exile allows all characters to own any special abilities. The sole catch is that you simply must find those abilities. Abilities aren't earned from a tree, but are instead given to the player through gems. By placing a coloured gem into a correspondingly colored slot on a weapon or piece of kit, the player gains the power described on the gem. This ability then levels up with the player through killing monsters. So rather than the confinement of your typical class-specific powers, players are freed up to form their character truly as they see fit.

POE Currency

Leveling up still incorporates a purpose in Path of Exile. While it doesn't grant new abilities, it does give the player points to place in a very massive, branching skill tree. The tree allows every person to specialize their character, giving them things like additional skill with a selected weapon, extra magic abilities, or maybe more health. Additionally, each skill you get on the tree also gives you passive stat upgrades to your strength, stamina, dexterity and intelligence. Every class uses the identical skill tree, but gets a unique allocation to their core stats so as to undertake and push the player in a very specific direction. Yes, you'll essentially craft any POE Trade character into the mix of specialties and talent gems that you simply like (although some combinations are better than others), but it also implies that the selection of which class you choose at the start has less weight. It's still an Alpha build at this time, and it didn't bother me all that much, but I can see more traditional RPG players having a tough time with the shortage of utmost class differentiation.

Path of Exile's unique skill gem and passive skill tree system are not easy to be accepted. Some players find these mechanisms very interesting, while others think that too complicated skill systems affect the game experience. But the unique economic system in POE makes all users satisfied. Unlike many popular games, the currency in the game is not the usual Gold or Coins. You need to use POE Currency to trade with other players in the game or purchase the POE Items you need in the in-game store. POE Currency comes from the loot that players get after killing monsters. You can also sell various useless POE Items to merchants in exchange for different POE Currency. In general, the more time you spend in the game, the more wealth you can accumulate. But in fact you have other ways to get POE Currency, I recommend you to buy them on MMOAH's official website. MMOAH has a professional team, responsible customer service and fast delivery speed.

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