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Grinding Gear announces 4 coming new extensions for POE in 2020


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At the ExileCon conference late last year, the developers of Path of Exile announced a lot of exciting news for players. For example, it is determined that the sequel of Path of Exile will be developed and named POE 2. Not only that, while the studio formed the Path of Exile 2 development team, it will continue to provide new content for POE's basic games, including stable update patches and extensions, as in the past.

At the conference, the studio confirmed a message that players will not be able to get the official version of POE 2 in 2020, but if all goes well, a public beta version may be available to players by the end of 2020. However, with the sudden global spread of the new coronavirus, operations in different countries and regions have been affected, including the Asian POE Currency development team that was originally responsible for developing POE 2. This means that the beta version of POE 2 is likely to be released in 2021, but the first POE extension in 2020: Delirium will be released on time as much as possible, with a time difference of at most a week or two. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

In the end, PC players received new expansion on March 13, and PS4 and Xbox One platforms ushered in the Delirium expansion of POE 5 days later. At the same time, the development of patch 4.0.0 is still in progress, which is called Path of Exile 2. In the demonstration of ExileCon Act One, the staff showed the expected effect of POE 2. In order to bring more exciting news of POE 2 to the next game release, the studio decided to further study the new system and mechanism. To show more content not shown in the last ExileCon. We expect to get more details on POE 2 at the E3 conference in mid-2020.

The public beta plan remains unchanged and is scheduled for release later this year. As the sequel work continues, they say that the date of the test "depends heavily on whether they can expand the team" to complete the core mechanics, systems and actions.

The increase in headcount will also affect Grind Gears' console team as they plan to strengthen this year. Developers say that as the POE Trade Currency team grows, new features will be developed and deployed to the console platform faster. At the same time, they also hope that POE 2 can be launched simultaneously with PS5 and Xbox X, so that players can have a better gaming experience.

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